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Features of  a Good Web Design for Newbies:

 Introduction :

The term web design is a process of planning and creation of websites, in order to present the information on electronic web pages, so that the users can access the information with the help of browser. Web design includes site structure, information architecture, user interface, images, and navigation layouts. All these are combined to create a website.

Principles of web design

Mobile friendly

Everybody now access websites from multiple devices with different screen sizes. So it is very important that the website should be mobile friendly. So prepare websites in such a way that it adjust to different screen sizes.

Load time

No one likes a website which takes a lot of time to load. So create a website in such a way that it loads quickly.


Navigation is how easy it is for people to move around your websites. So include some of the effective navigation techniques which make it easier for the user to look for the information which they are looking for.


Users on website want the information quickly. So make your information clearly which can be easily understood by everyone.


Images speak a lot than words. So include attractive images in your website.


Use contrasting colors for background and text will make the user to read the information easily. Using white spaces will give a modern look to your websites.

W3C Complaint :

It must be ensured the website is w3c complaint . Please refer to W3C website for more details and to test if website is W3C Complaint .

Process of learning Web Design & Development :

The process of learning complete web development can be divided into Web Design and Web Development. Web design to a larger extent is related to designing of website , managing user interface, Usability testing , graphic designing etc .In order to be good with Web design you need to have very good understanding of HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.Once you master these , you should be able to design any website successfully.

Web Development on the other end is the process of providing functionality to designed Website. Most  of the websites these days are based on PHP . Once you master PHP you should  be in a position to develop almost all kinds of webs applications .

Python,.NET,Java,Node.Js   are some other  popularly used scripting languages used to create web applications. The choice of the Language to larger extent depends on the Business needs, Application and the programmer. However Java and .Net are mostly used for enterprise level Applications development .

There are various to learn web Design and Development some of them include:



If your a Student  or looking for experience or trying to work on a Real Time Project , there are different  Website Development Company in Uk which offers Free Training and hands on development experience to Students.

Once you learn the basics and have developed  some real time Web Applications there are lots of Opportunities to show your skills and get proper IT Jobs as It Skills are always in demand in UK.

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